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Hi - welcome to our new blog.

We have lots of exciting things evolving right now. Our resellers are getting ready for the summer. It's festival time! Events, fundraisers, flea markets.......a great place to sell stickers. People love to read them and so it draws customers into your booth. Check out our 'hanging display'  - perfect for rolling up and taking with you at your next event.

Speaking of displays, we also have a new wire rack spinning display. We have searched online for a long time, trying to find a practical and affordable spinner. They just don't exist. So in the end we decided to get them made ourselves. To our specifications. Hope you like it. Check it out here.  

We have our new web site. It's simpler to order now. No more wholesale forms to fill out. Just add to your cart and you are done. The cart will auto calculate your quantity break savings as you go.

Of course, the big news for resellers is that election crazyness is already starting to happen. There is hardly a better market to have a foothold in than bumper stickers during an election.  So plant your flag early. Get out there and establish yourself as the go to place to get election WILL get crazy, trust me!

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