June 13, 2016 2 min read

Hi everyone - yeah, it's getting a bit frantic out here in sticker land right now. This is our 3rd election cycle. We thought we had this one pinned down. When it all started way back in ..............whenever that was (it seems like ages ago) Jeb Bush was announced as the first candidate, we thought ok, lets print loads of his stickers. He is bound to be the winner. Well, we all know that didn't work out the way it was projected. Throw out the Bush stickers. Then we printed Rubio. Ted Cruz and Cruz/Fiorina. (That lasted 6 days.) They were all slow sellers to be honest.. and then of course, there is Trump. Fortunately, we can print super fast and were able to meet the demand. His stickers have been selling like crazy. Similar in fact, to Obama in 2008 crazy. 

Sanders was a hot ticket. His supporters were voracious for his stickers. And now Hillary is the confirmed Democratic candidate and the demand for her stickers has gone through the roof.

And to be honest, this is how it gets and will continue up until the election.

This election cycle has seen the rise of popularity for the car magnet too. A lot of people prefer a removable declaration of their candidate of choice. You can chose car magnets when you click on the sticker and select 'Car Magnet' from the pull down menu instead of 'Bumper Sticker'. 

So if you do intend to represent politics in your sales outlets, now is definitely the time. It's not too late at all to get on board. Sales of political stickers are very, very hot right now. It's pretty much a sure thing.

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