About Our Magnetics

Where can I find the option to buy your magnets?
Click on any design. To the right of it you will see a pull down menu. It says 'Bumper stickers' by default. Just select 'Car magnets' instead.

We only use top quality, professional grade car magnetic material as used throughout the vehicle graphics industry.

What size are the magnets?
They are the same size as their bumper sticker equivalent. The size can be found by scrolling down the page, below the price chart and under the 'add to cart' button.  They are typically 3" x 10". We can also do custom magnets. They can be any size you choose.

Do you do custom car magnet orders?
Yes we do. You can place custom magnet orders for quantities as low as only 25. We can print your full color logo, artwork, anything you want. NO set up fees, NO hidden charges. - one price! 

Are car magnets better than vinyl?
It's all a matter of preference. We do actually offer nearly all designs in both car magnet and vinyl stickers. But with magnets you can show or not show your message depending on your mood. 

Do other car magnet sites offer the same level of quality?
Some do, some don't. Humper Bumper has over 30 years of vehicle graphics experience. We only use good material. Unfortunately, many other sites use thin, cheaper material and ink. This leads to cracked edges, fading colors and peeling. 

Can magnets fall off?

No. They will not fall or slide off. Just make sure when applying them that the surface is flat and clean and metallic. Make sure you don't have any edges sticking out where wind can get behind or underneath them.  They will stick to any metal surface. Vehicles, fridges, filing cabinets. 

Can they damage paintwork?
We would recommend taking them off every week or so and just wiping away any water that collects behind the magnetic. As with anything metal, if water stays in contact for too long it's not good. Also, if it's been raining a lot, occasionally salt in the evaporated water from the roads can show as a white powdery substance, It wipes off easily and does not cause damage if removed.

Humperbumper.com does not recommend applying either magnetic or vinyl stickers to repainted surfaces. 

How do I know it will stick to my car?
Get a fridge magnet and stick it on your car. wherever it sticks, then that's metal, and our car magnets will stick there too. But some cars have fiber glass bumpers, so please check!



We have never had any issues or complaints about our product damaging a surface, EVER! However, we are obliged to state that Humperbumper.com is NOT responsible for any damage to a persons vehicle or property due to the use of an adhesive sticker or car magnet. Additionally, Humperbumper.com is not responsible for ANY event arising from the displaying of our stickers or magnets. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to use best judgment regarding the display and usage