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About Us


Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. We are open to the casual buyer and reseller alike.

We are a USA company based in St. Louis County, MO.

We are not the biggest fish in the bumper sticker sea. Not by a long ways. and that's perfectly ok. It means we still know every customer by name and not by a 'customer ID'. We actually answer our phones with real people. And we always listen when you make special requests, and try to accommodate them..

We believe in quality over quantity. We are very selective. We don't believe in throwing anything and everything up on our site to see what sticks. That just creates clutter and low quality.  If sales of a design do slow down, we retire it. It's that simple. That way if you are a retailer, you know all our designs are proven sellers. 

Our messages are carefully chosen. We will not print, stickers that promote bigotry, hate speech, libel, racism, sexism, cruelty or violence.  

So that's us. Call us any time. is 314-270-8548