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Tips for applying and removing stickers

Our stickers are printed on 3.7mm vinyl. We only use professional grade material. Our vinyl is UV and moisture protected for 2-4 years continual outdoor exposure.

Applying our stickers:
In the vehicle graphic business the thinner the vinyl ,the better the quality. Our stickers are thinner and better quality than the old 'crack and peel'  type. But because of this a little more care is needed to apply them. 

Do not apply in very hot weather. Do not apply to a hot surface. Wait until it cools or apply indoors. This is because the vinyl can stretch when its really hot. 

1: Clean surface with water or a glass cleaner

Make sure to remove any dirt. 


2: Peel off paper backing and place sticker onto surface

Position the sticker where you want it and place it onto the surface. 


3: Rub down:
Using thumb, rub from the center out. Careful not to stretch the vinyl. If you get any bubbles don't be too concerned. it's just trapped air and will go down naturally over the next day or so (as the vinyl breathes). If you don't want to wait, simply prick any bubbles with a sharp pin and force the air out.

A handy tip is to use a bottle of Windex (or any glass cleaner) and spray the sticky side of the sticker first. Then place the sticker on the surface and squeegee the Windex out from behind the sticker with your thumbs. That way you get no bubbles or creases. The liquid will dry soon enough and the sticker remains in place. Try on a small section of your vehicle first, to make sure the paint surface is compatible with cleaning agents.

Tip #2:
A credit card wrapped with soft cloth makes a great squeegee. The cloth makes sure the card doesn't scratch the sticker!

Removing our stickers:
Vinyl stickers can be removed quite easily under most conditions. Typically they will peel up in one or two pieces. In lower temperatures, when the surface is cold the vinyl may become a little more brittle. In which case it may come off in several pieces. But don't worry, it's not like those horrible paper stickers that tear into shreds. If a sticker has been on for many months it may leave a slight residue of gum when you peel it off. This is easily removable with any number of household label adhesive removers such as 'Goo Gone', 'Goof Off' or rubbing alcohol (available at any Hardware Store.) It's always best to test a small section of paint first to make sure your paint surface doesn't react to the remover. (it shouldn't but it never hurts to check).

Extra tip:
A hair dryer can help with removal of stickers in cold weather. The heat softens the vinyl and makes it less brittle

If it is NOT the vehicles original paintwork then we do not recommend using ours (or anyone's) stickers. This s because we cannot guarantee the re spray is of an acceptable quality. The paint may pull up when removing the sticker.

Humperbumper is not responsible for any damage to a persons vehicle or property due to the use of a bumper sticker or car magnet. Humperbumper is not responsible for any event arising from the displaying of a sticker or car magnet. It is the sole responsibility of the user to apply their best judgement regarding the display and usage of any of our products.