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What are the discounts for buying in bulk?

Quantity Discount Chart

Bulk discounts should accumulate in your cart automatically and will be applied at checkout. Contact us if your discount isn't showing in the cart. Only items of the same product type (stickers or magnets) count towards the discount.  Does not apply to licensed merchandise or displays. Bulk discounts are non-combinable with other promotional discounts.

No 'buy in' or approval required.
Mix and match is ok.
Creating an account is optional and for convenience only.
Free shipping on orders over $250. (Price after discounts)

To a cerain extent yes. We also sell our items under the name Gear Tatz on Amazon.com. We ask that if you choose to resell on Amazon that you sell under your own brand and not on our listings. You will also be competing with this web site, but there's plenty of business to get out there. Our retail prices are in line with market prices. We interntionally stay off other sales channels to give our sellers space to succeed.

Discounts will be applied according to the charts above. Applies to all items in the same product category (stickers or magnets). The more you add, the greater the discount. Our cart calculates huge savings at price breaks shown above.

Option 1:
Use the Bulk Order Form (found in the top menu, under "Wholesale/Resellers"), or click the side menu on the left, 
or click HERE.

Just start by selecting a category and begin adding to stickers to your cart. It's that simple! 

Option 2:
We have a 'Fast track' catalog. No images. Just titles and SKU's. This is an even faster method, for those who are already familiar with the products they want to reorder. The link can be found at the foot of the page
click HERE

Option 3:
Have us build your cart for you. Just tell us what categories you want to buy from, and we will send you the best sellers. Quickest method ever!
click HERE

Alternatively, you can still use the regular "Browse Stickers/Magnets" menu if you prefer, but for larger orders of 100 or more items we suggest the bulk rate forms (it's quicker). 

It's ok too, if you skip between methods, they all go to the same cart, same savings.

Yes. We have you covered. If you don't want to select them yourself, just use our "Pick Them For Me" form. We will select stickers based on your specifications and then ship them to you. 

No account needed. It is optional and for convenience only. Having an account keeps a history of  your previous orders (great reference for reordering). It also keeps all your info and so saves you having to reenter it.

Your customers purchase small amounts of stickers and car magnets from you, often singles.  In order to get the same discounted prices, they would have to invest in purchasing bulk quantities just like you. 

Also, our stickers are unbranded. When you sell our stickers, they have no brand identification, and so your customer will always return to you, not us.

If you have a retail store, don't forget, we have MERCHANDISING DISPLAYS too


Yes, St. Louis County, Missouri.

Typically 1-3 working days. Let us know if you need them in a hurry (no rush charge applied). Larger custom orders can occasionally take a little longer, especially large magnet orders.  

You will find a shipping calculator in your cart. Shipping starts at $2.99 up to 4oz. total package weight (about 20 bumper stickers, 20 sticker sets, or 2 car magnets). $2.99 shipping not available for XL bumper stickers. This price does not include tracking. We still take responsibility for your order's delivery. Contact us if your order hasn't been received after 2 weeks. Per-item shipping costs will generally decline as item count increases. Over 4oz., "Standard" means a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope ($9.74) or USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box ($15.38) All orders over $250 (after discounts) qualify for free shipping. This is automatically calculated at the time of purchase.  Only works on store checkout. Request an invoice if you use Paypal, Google, etc., checkout. Shipping calculator may incorrectly show free shipping for orders over $250 BEFORE quantity discount, but only order over $250 AFTER the quantity discount qualify for free shipping.

Yes. You can mix and match orders. No minimum 'per sticker' order is required. Although, sticker discounts won't automatically be applied to magnets and vice versa.

You do NOT need an account. Our bulk discount wholesale prices are available for anyone who wants to purchase them. An account will make it easier to check out in the future.

Our 'Shopify' shopping cart is one of the most trusted on the net. Your information is encrypted. Your credit card information is not stored on our system. We never see the credit card numbers. It's gateway protected by our merchant services company.

Absolutely. Many of our bulk buyers prefer to do this.

You can call us at 314-270-8548 and place it over the phone, or email us at info@humperbumper.com. Just tell us the stickers you want (state the 'product code' next to the sticker,) the quantity and your contact info so we can invoice you.

D24 x 12
SC42 x 15
F107 x 23
Total: 50

Also check out the EZ Bulk Order Forms under WHOLESALE/RESELLERS.

We NEVER spam you or sell your user information. (we hate spam as much as you do). The reason we ask for an email address is to send you a confirmation receipt and shipping notice for your convenience. 

Yes, You can mail us a cashiers check or personal check made out to Elliott e-Retail. Here is our contact info:

Elliott e-Retail
8460 Watson RD #121
St. Louis, MO 63119

About Our Stickers

We only use quality materials. Our stickers are printed on 3.7mm vinyl. Our vinyl is UV and moisture protected for 3-4 years continual outdoor exposure. They will not fade, crack or peel. But are easily removable and leave no mess. It is the same material as used on professional graphics for planes, trains, boats and outdoor signage.

The size of our stickers can be found by clicking on the sticker image.  Our standard bumper sticker size is 3" x 10".

We can custom print any shape or size, and as low as only 25 quantity. We can print your full color logo, artwork, anything you want. Any shape or size. NO set up fees, NO hidden charges. - one price!  Click Custom Printing in the top menu for more information.

All our stickers are unbranded. This is a service for our resellers so you can sell them while maintaining an exclusive relationship with your own customers. In other words, your customers re purchase from you, not us.

Humper Bumper has over 30 years of vehicle graphics experience. Unfortunately, many other sites use thin, cheaper material and ink. This leads to cracked edges, fading colors and peeling. We don't. We only use professional, industry standard materials.

A free sample sticker is available here:
.98 postage required (Regular mail):

About Our Magnets

Click on any design from our Browse Stickers/Magnets menu, above. Bumper Sticker is selected (shaded green) by default.  Just click Car Magnet.

They are slightly smaller than their bumper sticker equivalent, but the graphics are the same size. They are typically 2.75" x 9.5" for a 3" X 10" sticker. Custom orders can be any size you choose.

Yes we do. You can place custom magnet orders for quantities as low as only 25. We can print your full color logo, artwork, anything you want. NO set up fees, NO hidden charges. - one price!
 Go to 'Custom printing' for details

It's all a matter of preference. We offer most designs in both car magnet and vinyl stickers. But with magnets you can be more selective about when you show or not show your message. 

Humper Bumper has over 30 years of vehicle graphics experience. We only use industry standard material. Unfortunately, many other sites use thin, cheaper material and ink. This leads to them having cracked edges, fading colors and peeling. Ours do not

No. They will not fall or slide off. Just make sure when applying them that the surface is flat and clean and metallic. Make sure you don't have any edges sticking out where wind can get behind or underneath them.  They will stick to any metal surface. Vehicles, fridges, filing cabinets. 

We would recommend taking them off every week or so and just wiping away any water that collects behind the magnetic. As with anything metal, if water stays in contact for too long it's not good for it. If it's been raining a lot, occasionally salt in the evaporated water from the roads can leave a white powdery substance, but It wipes off easily and does not cause damage if removed.

Humperbumper.com does not recommend applying either magnetic or vinyl stickers to repainted surfaces. 

We have never had any issues or complaints about our product damaging a surface, EVER! However, we are obliged to state that Humperbumper.com is NOT responsible for any damage to a persons vehicle or property due to the use of an adhesive sticker or car magnet. Additionally, Humperbumper.com is not responsible for ANY event arising from the displaying of our stickers or magnets. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to use best judgment regarding the display and usage of our product.

Take a fridge magnet and stick it on your car. wherever it sticks, then that's metal, and our car magnets will stick there too. But some cars have fiber glass bumpers, so please check!

Quantity Discount Chart