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It's HELL Without Jesus - Christian Bumper Sticker, Car Magnet


It's HELL Without Jesus Bumper Sticker/Car Magnet

  • 3" x 10" or 8cm X 25cm. (magnets are slightly smaller)
  • Our decals are made to last - Crafted with eco-solvent ink and a durable vinyl medium, these stickers are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, ensuring that they'll look great for years to come. Plus, unlike paper stickers, vinyl material comes off easily and won't tear to shreds. Our high-quality bumper stickers and car magnets are built for the long haul.
  • It's not going anywhere - Our stickers are incredibly tacky 😜, and our magnets stay on the metal surface where they're placed, thanks to their strong adhesive or magnetic rubber. Whether you're looking for a car sticker, a laptop sticker, a water bottle sticker, a phone sticker, a notebook sticker, a skateboard sticker, a guitar sticker, an instrument case sticker, a helmet sticker, or any other object-with-a-flat-dry-surface sticker, our stickers will stay put for as long as you want them to. Same goes for car magnets, locker magnets, and fridge mags on flat, dry, metal surfaces.
  • Get the party laughing - Our decals are a great gift idea. They're perfect for gift exchange games like White Elephant or Rob Your Neighbor, and they also make a great Secret Santa gift under $10 or a fun prank or gag gift. We can also ship directly to your friend who shares your twisted sense of humor.
  • Invest in the hilarity - Wholesale customers should know that our decals are a popular choice among retail customers and other wholesale buyers. With their high-quality materials and long-lasting cute or funny or poignant designs, they're sure to sell well in many venues, especially gift shops, auto shops, specialty stores, or online marketplaces.
  • Apply evenly to a clean dry surface. Also make sure you aren't applying when the surface is too hot. Wait for night or a cooler day if the temperature is over 85 degrees or so. It is important to apply it slowly and minimize creases or bubbles as you go. Don't worry about remaining creases, just flatten them as much as possible and they will barely be visible.

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God Bless you friend!

Hi Christian Bumper Sticker,

I appreciate your help! Your particular "Hell" bumper sticker couldn't have come in a much needed time. Many folks aka sinners aren't aware it seems that this is God's earth. And we born in it, live a life in it and will end up dying in it! All of us have inherited sins from our fore parents going all the back to the Book of Genesis. God sees all of us as sinners and to connect with God having a relationship with Him is to confess to Him by mouth that we are a sinner; as well of repentance prayer by mouth as well found in the Book of Romans 10:9-10; but the key to this prayer is that it has to be done in all sincere; because God is listening. Plus at this point it would be smart to get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ!

God's eternal hell was actually meant for Satan and his demon hosts. But now it also meant for sinners who rejects God's love through their ungodly disobedient behavior they continue to do towards God who hates sin! A few biblical "hell" scriptures in the King James Version Bible that comes to mind are Books of Psalm 9:17 and Revelation 21:8 as well of many other scriptures. People aka sinners are living in God's earth making the crucial mistakes of calling God "bluff"; whether intentional or unintentionally not just understanding or caring for that matter leaving them vulnerable of going to eternal hell when they die the first death in their flesh. Or course the second death is their spirit or soul!

In closing, m with the "hell" bumper stickers that I purchased from Humper Bumper.com, I also have the "fire and flames" along with this "hell" bumper sticker making it more realistic in appearance giving it's audience the heads up of what's going to happen to all those lost souls that's headed to hell! So sad, indeed, so sad. Take care and may God Bless you friend! Many thanks!

Oh by the way please share content. Also here's a true 24/7 ministry I listen to; that I want to share with everyone. It's called Moody Radio and the radio "call letters" here is at 90.1. Moody Radio has the free app on both Apple or Google play stores. Also has a website at www.moodyradio.com. I tell everyone to listen to Moody Radio for at least 30 days allowing God to speak to you. But listen to what's relevant and what's not relevant then don't listen; but come back to listen. It's our responsibility to connect to God while we are alive living on His earth; because when we died it's too late. Thank you and love you in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!